Salt in Your Well

Certain geographic areas are prone to salty water.  This includes places around Sydenham, Odessa, Yarker, Kingston, and parts of Prince Edward County among others.  Is your well water salty?  If it is, and depending on how bad the problem is, there are a number of ways MacLellan Water Technology can help.

For low levels of salt where it is just a matter of polishing up the water you actually use for cooking and drinking, MacLellan Water Technology can install a simple, affordable reverse osmosis (RO) unit.  This type of RO unit is also great for people who want to remove sodium coming from their water softener.

For very salty water where corrosion of pipes, fixtures, and appliances is an issue some companies jump straight to the much larger whole-house RO units.  MacLellan Water Technology can certainly install such equipment and for some people it is the best choice.  It is very expensvie to install and to operate, however, so we prefer to look for an alternative.

One such alternative is sealing out the bottom of the well where salt normally comes from.  Before doing this we run a series of tests to ensure it is a viable option for your particular well.  If it is, however, it can be a simple and money-saving solution to an otherwise very difficult problem.

Got salt?  Give MacLellan Water Technology a call!