Basement Flooding

Your home is one of the most expensive yet important investments you will ever make. Your home probably includes a basement. Basements are great for everything from entertaining your guests with your big screen T.V., pool table, and man cave to storing all your family‚Äôs keep sakes.  You won't be able to enjoy these things, however, if your basement is under water.

Basement flooding can usually be prevented through the use of a sump pump.  Many people never check their sump pump, however, and only find out their pump has seized when they see water in their basement.  People who rely on sump pumps often also forget that the sump pump won't work during a power failure.  And when does the power ususally fail?  Just when you need your sump pump during a major storm!

A clever solution to these problems is to install a battery back up sump pump.  This smaller secondary sump pump runs (as its name implies) off a rechargeable battery.  This way you have a pump to run if the main pump fails or if the main pump can't run because of a lack of power.  Please call our office for details on how we can help you protect your basement!