Well Cleaning

Spring brings many things - warmer weather, birds, flowers, and the start of well cleaning season!

A well cleaning is a great way to reduce aesthetic problems like sulphur odour and iron caused by nuisance bacteria as well as sediment problems caused by years of accumulated debris in your well.  For dug well owners, it is also a way to remove the snakes, frogs, and rodents that often consider your well a good hibernating place but quickly learn otherwise to the detriment of themselves and your well water quality.

MacLellan Water Technology uses specially designed equipment to clean drilled and dug wells.  With our "go anywhere" split rig option, we can reach almost any well.  Cleaning wells improves aethetic quality and reduces loading on treatment equipment (and hence ongoing operations costs).  In certain circumstances it can also improve well yield.

We will be able to start well cleanings again when the weather warms and the ground dries.  Call now to book your appointment!