A Full Service Water Treatment Company

Founded in 1982, MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps is a full service water treatment company. Our services run the gamut from the installation of wells and pumping systems, to water sampling, to the design, installation, and servicing of water treatment systems. We do not use a particular line of products but instead select from different makes and models of equipment to best meet our clients’ needs.

In addition to the services listed above, MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps offers specialized services to particular client groups.

Our custom designed well cleaning equipment can remove sediment, scale, precipitated metals, and biofouling bacterial slime from dug or drilled wells. This improves the aesthetic quality of the water in the well which reduces loading on treatment equipment.

Our quick turn around services for real estate deals involve test for water flow and water quality as well as assessments of the existing water infrastructure in a home.

Our licensed water operators can conduct operations work and water testing for facilities that fall under Ontario Regulation 170/03 or 391/08.


Seldom in the 15 years that we have lived on Amherst Island and been supported here by helpful companies such as MacLellan water have we had the rewarding satisfaction of professional support from someone as efficient, effective, methodical and competent as your colleague Cole. Confronted with a conundrum that neither we nor experienced island friends could solve, Cole worked patiently for five hours to find the source of our problem and to devise a method of putting it right. At the same time, he took the opportunity to clean up and rationalize a rats nest of both water and plumbing connections, leaving the job site in a state of orderliness that it has not seen since the equipment was installed some years ago.

Both Cole and MacLellan can be proud of his work.

Many, many thanks to you all.
~ John

Our UV bulb blew last night and, less than 24-hours later you had replaced the ballast, bulb, all our filters, and inspected the system so we continue to have safe drinking water. 

[Your Technician] was awesome!  Well mannered, knew what needed replacing, and walked me through everything he did.  Showed us that our filters are doing a great job, and that our well produces pretty amazing water.  We knew that, but his assessment gave us even greater confidence.

 In this time of global health fears we are grateful to have a safe water supply. Thanks, [Technician], for looking after us!
~ Glenn

Your technician was here and serviced our water system. He was very polite, courteous and professional. It also cannot go without saying that your receptionist has always been professional and courteous since we installed our system years ago. Thank you!
~ Paula & Rick B

I was very pleased with the service that MWT provided and have already referred your services to a co-worker of mine.
~ Valerie M

I really appreciate the professional service that we have always received from your company.
~ William F

We were pleased with the service that was provided to us during the installation of our chlorination and UV system. The technician was outstanding, very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and overall a great representative of your company.
~ Derek M

Just wanted to thank you and the technician you sent. He was very professional and extremely helpful answering all of our questions.
~Julie & Gord H

First off, [your technicians] did a wonderful job. They are both very knowledgeable, friendly, professional. They did not stop from the time they arrived until the time they finished.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for being able to accommodate me in what I would call short notice.

Finally, I would and will recommend your company.
~ Rhonda L

Thank you very much for the email and for the excellent work that your company has provided to us. My wife and I will definitely use MacLellan Water in the future for any other water issues that we may have.
~ Rados M

The crew was very professional, knowledgeable and did a great job with the installation.
~ Steve C

Thanks for a great system. It works well. Nice job!
~ Linda C

[Your technician] has done a great job of installing my new water softener.
~ Ann A

Just a quick note to let you know just how delighted I was with the well service and the new pitless adapter! [Your technician] and his crew definitely knew their stuff, and there was an attitude of professionalism that was so clearly evident. Wow.
~ Peter G

The gentleman that conducted the tests was outstanding, polite, on time and his conduct was very professional.
~ Daniel V

What We Offer

1.  Sampling and Design: We take the guess work out of designing your water treatment system by basing our designs on proper water testing. That way your water system is tailored to meet the specific needs of your unique water supply.

2.  Maintenance and Service: The best water treatment system in the world is useless if it isn’t properly maintained. Our knowledgeable staff can undertake all necessary maintenance for your equipment. We can arrange for our scheduling department to remind you when annual service is due so that important maintenance is not forgotten. Alternatively, we stock a large supply of parts and components for the DIY crowd.

3.  Installation: Properly installing a water treatment system is not simply a matter of slapping equipment in place. Care must be taken to give the system a tidy appearance. Valves, blow offs, and other useful features must be included to help with servicing the system and the equipment must be positioned correctly so that routine maintenance can be accomplished easily. Our trained staff will install your water treatment system neatly, properly, and efficiently.

I am so thankful for their services They came to our house within a few hours to help out on priming a water pump. We needed them twice on such a short notice and they saved us twice !! We would be without running water without them!
Paul Quirt
Paul Quirt
Kerry Snow
Kerry Snow
Does the job
Anne Craig (Comm Officer)
Anne Craig (Comm Officer)
Our well pump died around 1 pm on Thursday and the two owners Keith and William immediately came to our house, diagnosed the issue, located the buried well, dug it out, and assured us the problem would be immediately fixed. The next day the talented team of Jake, Rick, and Cole had dug up our buried well cap, installed a new, up to code well casing and cap, along with a new pressure tank and control box. Very impressed with their professionalism and how friendly they were. Highly recommend this company! Thank you MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps for getting us out of a terrible and stressful situation.
Leeane Dewey
Leeane Dewey
The people there are the most welcoming people, treat you like you have been friends for years!!!!
Jay B
Jay B
Professional, prompt and affordable. Highly recommended.
Julia Hayes
Julia Hayes
Just moved into the Kingston area this year and were lucky enough to find MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps. Keith from Maclellan just located and repaired a break in our water line from the house to the well. He coordinated with contractor to provide locates and extensive excavation services; he then coordinated with propane company when break was identified as being directly eight feet under the propane tanks (just our luck!) The propane company attended to temporarily remove two tanks to enable the repair. This was an extremely difficult day and Keith handled it calmly and efficiently and always seemed well in charge of what was happening. The repair was completed in one day, the property was backfilled and tidied up and water turned back on. Thank you. In addition, MacLellan Water has regularly maintained our softening system and has installed a reverse osmosis drinking system. We are pleased to highly recommend this company
Aliza Forbes
Aliza Forbes
Friendly staff and great price for water
Carolyn Berry
Carolyn Berry
Staff very friendly & helpful.