Other Services

Ultra Violet (UV) Units

A properly sized and equipped UV unit is a homeowner’s best defense against any potential bacterial contamination in their well. This is the one piece of treatment equipment every home should have since even properly constructed wells are susceptible to occasional bacteria issues. MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps installs and services all makes and models including Luminor, Sterilight, Trojan, Hallett, and UV Dynamics.

Water Treatment

MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps can handle any water quality issue. We don’t use a single line of products but rather select the make and model of equipment that will best suit your needs. Our treatment systems can deal with salt, sulphur, iron, hardness, manganese, bacteria, and more. Types of equipment include UV units, water softeners, reverse osmosis (RO) units, carbon filters, sediment filters, manganese greensand filters, peroxide systems, chlorination systems, and others.


Whether you have a deep drilled well or a shallow dug well, MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps has the pump and pressure system for you. We supply many makes and models of pumps including Grundfos, Goulds, Berkley, Franklin, and others. We can provide you with cost effective, standard pumping systems or energy saving, variable speed units that produce luxuriously even water pressure. We can even supply pumps for higher water flow applications such as ground source heating systems.

Water Softeners

A water softener will improve the aesthetic quality of your water and prevent ugly hard water scale from fouling your sinks, showers, and dishwasher. Soft water also reduces soap use, improves the efficiency of hot water tanks, and helps UV units run with maximum effectiveness. The water softeners used by MacLellan Water Treatment and Pumps are metered. This means they measure water use and only regenerate when their capacity is almost exhausted. This makes them more efficient and reduces operating costs.